Hi, my name is Lucy and I am the founder of The Wonder.

The Wonder is made up of The Wonder Blog, The Wonder Network, Marlow and The Wonder Business Consulting – which is coming soon!

The Wonder was created to connect others, provide empowerment, share knowledge, inspire the soul and give a sense of belonging.

Networking with The Wonder Network, Marlow allows members to gain recommendations, receive feedback, bounce ideas off like-minded people, to get hints and tips from others, to share situations and to be part of community where you can learn, grow and be empowered.

The Wonder Blog has a big objectives which is to suggest ideas, share experience, and give advice to help and support women in their personal and professional life… Not just for Women in Marlow, but Women Worldwide.

The Wonder Values

There are certain things that are important to The Wonder:

  • Independance
  • Ambition
  • Balance
  • Love
  • Gratitude
  • Agility
  • Bravery

The Wonder Believes

  • Great strength, success and empowerment comes from those who have their struggles
  • Success is a number of small steps
  • and Purpose fuels passion.