This Month, we interview the lovely Sophie who is a Personal Trainer (PT). She fills us in with her 2019 goals and finishes with some really sound and inspirational advice!

Q: So tell us, what inspired you to become a PT?

I have always had a real passion for allthings sport and outdoors-y. I grew up going for long hikes, cycle rides and horse rides with my parents so I feel that fitness was naturally integrated into my life from a young age. In my first year of Sixth Form, I started working at my local leisure centre at the weekends. My boss at the time had just qualified to become a Personal Trainer, and she began exercising with me and showing me how pieces of equipment in the gym worked. I quickly fell in love with the industry and have enjoyed helping others in the gym ever since!

Q: What does it actually mean to be a PT?

As a Personal Trainer, my job is to increase people’s physical fitness. Every PT will have their own approach on how to do so but I personally aim for a more holistic approach. I have always been a big believer that your sleep, diet, mood and mental health are all directly correlated with how active you are on a daily basis. Therefore, my aim is to help people make those small adjustments in their lifestyle in order toincrease their activity and in turn become a stronger, happier and healthier version of themselves. I’m just here as guidance – it’s up to you to make the changes!

Q: So… Did you need to gain any qualifications to become a PT?

Yes, so the first qualification was my level 2, which allowed me to become a Fitness Instructor. With this qualification you can work for a gym and design programmes on the gym’s behalf. My next qualification was my Level 3; my Diploma in Personal Training. As well as obtaining a much deeper understanding of human anatomy, this course covers an outline of nutrition which allows Personal Trainers to give guidance in regards to diet. Since then, I have completed several courses including circuits instructing, Kettlebell instructing, ETM and most recently Level 3& 4 AfN Nutritional Training Course.

Q: Where did you go to get that training?

The good thing about training to become a PT is that your resources are endless. I have received training from a variety of different companies, ranging from Study at Home/online exams to six week Full Time courses. To gain these qualifications I have worked with Diverse Trainers (Reading based), Premier Global (Windsor), HFE (London) and Diet Specialist (online).

Q: Do you have a website and/or anInstagram account?

Yes! As a self-employed PT, marketing is a huge aspect of my working life behind the scenes. I am currently working with a website designer who is doing a fantastic job of bringing SophFitness to life! My business instagram account is @sophfitness_PT – follow me on here for updates of my website going live!

Q: So, you have recently had step up at The Marlow Club, how did you become part of the Sales team?

So as well as being a self-employed PT, up until recently I had been a full-time member of the Fitness Instructing team there. This job role includes providing new members with health checks and programmes, as well as teaching daily classes. Although I have loved this job,I ended up spending 45-50 hours in the gym each week – and that’s before I even had a chance to exercise myself! So… I decided it was time for an exciting change, and as my colleague begins maternity leave at the end of March, I shall be stepping in during her absence!

Q: What are your job responsibilities as part of that Team?

My main role will be as a Membership Sales Advisor, which includes meeting and touring potential members of the Health Club, and ensuring that we as a team hit our target each month. This will also be an administration role, where I take care of membership cancellations and customer communications throughout the club. A big step up for me, and certainly a big change!

Q: Do you have any career goals for 2019?

I have set myself a number of goals to complete by the end of this year – it tends to work well with my competitive nature! My biggest goal is to focus on my current PT clients and aim to provide them with as much support as possible, whilst growing my business. My new Sales role is 4 days a week, which provides me with more flexibility when it comes to clients bookings, as well as having a full afternoon aside for my own admin! I also aim to develop transferable skills in the new role that I am taking on, and to complete that to the best of my ability.

Q: And lastly, what advice would you give to our Professional Women?

It’s true what they say, you are never too old to try something new in your life – but you are also never too young! When it comes to career choices, you have to do what feels right for you and be excited of the unknown! I was 16 when sitting my Level 2 and had just turned 18 when I completed my full Personal Training course. Although I was younger than the majority of my peers (and still am now!), I am a strong believer that success in your career derives from your determination, motivation and willingness to learn!

Wow, Thank you Sophie! And congratulations on your new role! Make sure you come back and let us know how you are getting on!